How to Be a UX Designer

Becoming a UX Designer is nowadays becoming one of the biggest paid jobs in the tech Industry. So many new to the tech industry are turning to UX Design as a trade. Becoming a UX designer is extremely rewarding and very lucrative, many enjoy the job, the experience, and getting to work with apps and website designing are compelling experiences for people. The main tools you need to be comfortable with are Adobe and Sketch. Becoming a UX designer isn’t easy, but if you love the work, you should overcome the challenges.

What Do You Need to Become a Great UX Designer?

Well, to become a great UX Designer, you need certain qualities that will lead to you becoming a great designer, some of these are as follows:

  • Passion – Without passion, you won’t design to your best, UX design needs to feel like a hobby or a career path. You should have a passion for patterns and understand the way things work and how users interact with certain products. You should understand what great design is about.
  • Empathy – This may seem to be an unusual trait to have concerning UX design, but many don’t understand that without being able to put yourself in the users shoes and feeling the pain and frustration, understanding why things seem fine to you but not to them, Empathy makes a great UX designer.
  • Being Humble – Working in UX design requires you to also work closely to others in UI and programming and many other tech fields. So you really need to learn to be humble. Collaborate with others and work as a team.


Have an actual Interest In The Technology Industry – Without an interest in technology, you won’t be able to understand what the user wants, have an understanding of the way humans interact with technology.

What Are the Important Things to Remember When Becoming a UX Designer?

When becoming a UX designer, you have a number of things to remember to do, but what are the actual steps you should take when becoming one? Well, let us take a look at the following.

If you are starting from scratch, then consider the following steps you need to do!

1. Read Up About UX design and Maybe Even UI

Reding up about it will give you that perfect start, and you’ve hundreds of thousands of books to choose from. Take advantage also of the bottomless supply of blogs, podcasts and articles online to read from.

2. Find Yourself a Good Mentor

No matter what you wish to study in the Tech Industry, you need to be aware that having a great mentor is essential. Someone to direct you on the right path.

3. Find Courses or Classes

You can either take a class online or at some kind of college or university, but if you look, you’ll find plenty of courses available, both online and offline. Ask your friends who attend colleges, sometimes free courses are also available.

4. Try Freelancing and Do Real UX Work

You have many sites online, try building and practising your UX designs, creating some kind of portfolio normally helps. Then register on a number of freelance platforms and show off the designs. Pitch on jobs and start to become known for UX design.